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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

How do we deal with stress

@eudemonism @greenpea @Zoe7 @Sherry  I think mental illness is closely related to chronic long standing stress, especially since childhood. How we deal and cope with stress is so important to help us to recover and prevent further deterioration.

I think to cope with stress, it is important to foster positive attitude and outlook over long periods of time. To learn and develop effective communication skills. To have time out. To learn and find ways to sooth and calm ourselves. 


Please let let us know how you deal and cope with stress, especially long standing ones.


Re: How do we deal with stress




I'm someone who doesn't deal with stress very well. I know we all have stress though. I recently had major surgery and part of my journey moving forward- is learning better ways to cope and handle stress. For me its learning new skills and knowledge so that I can better manage my life and therefore have better quality of life. I will be more at peace and built better relationships. What steps do you think would help you- I think action is the key. I know we don't have control over everything, but the things we do we can make changes. For the first time I am able to say no to people because I always put others first and if I was to help this person it would have been stressful and energy draining for me. I hope this helps..

Re: How do we deal with stress

@oceangirl  Thanks for kind post. I learn a lot reading the forum. I also find it soothing. Thanks for care and support.


Hope to hear more.

Re: How do we deal with stress


Your welcome @Meowmy . I do know you have depression. And I think its great that you're taking an initiative to read along with the posts and I am glad it gives you a sense of comfort- that makes me so happy to read this. 


Re: How do we deal with stress

@oceangirl @Thanks for post. It is very helpful. The forum helps me so much. All the caring people support and guide me. I also find it great when I can help others.

Re: How do we deal with stress


@Meowmy  I was glad to get your message. I find the forum, a supportive and caring environment. Its a great place were we can help each other and build healthy relationships. Hope you had a great day. 

Re: How do we deal with stress

@oceangirl thanks for post. I think for strong intense stress, may be try to break it down into smaller portions. So to slowly resolve each component.

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