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Looking after ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

hello @outlander

I am off to bed soon in fact should be there already..

I know that you are a night owl.

thanking you for your support..

not sure where you are at though as am staying close to this thread at the moment..

am off to bed soon also

a quick how are you?


Re: Living with Ourselves

I am a night owl but hoping to be asleep myself soon @Sophia1
I havent really been around that much latley. School holidays are here so been abit busy, injuries to contend with and just in the 'meh' mindset so have been reading/supporting more than posting.
Have been keeping up with you too, please know youve got my support always ❤

Re: Living with Ourselves


do not worry about me...look out for yourself as you are so young

I know that you have ties ....

look out for you regardless..

yes you have been told this on so many occasions..

It is true...the years will pass and you will wonder where have they gone..

You are important too as well as caring...

do not look back and think what a waste of time where have all of those years gone.

thinking of you.. Heart

Re: Living with Ourselves

Aw @Sophia1 your so sweet but i cant turn my cares off. I want to care for you because you are my friend. I actually learn from you and some of the things you write.
Its just an off day, itll blow over in another day or so. Ill bury my head in my studies for a few hrs tomorrow and will probably come out a new outlander lol.
Oh theres a newer calf at a nearby property i seen today and it made me think of you. Ill try to get a picture of her/him and share it with you.
Hugs for you, hopefully you are peacefully sleeping now. Im heading to bed myself now.
Goodnight Sophia ❣💙💚💖💜💗💛❤

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1 pain is very debilitating and a big hindrance upon getting things done, you may have to slow things down for a day or two, take a step back from the mainstream stuff. Even ask gp or therapist about pain management strategies. Yeah i wish there was an answer for pain, but unfortunately there's not. Find your limits and boundaries, don't push past them. Still try to get as much out of each day as you can.

Re: Living with Ourselves

good morning @eudemonism@Dec@Exoplanet@outlander@Former-Member@Sherry

@outlander thank you for letting me know that you continue to want to share and that I have helped you.

Lovely to read those words ...A baby life...lovely to see...yes I would love to see a photograph when you have the time though...

What are you studying? There are quite a few people on here doing courses at Tafe...I would like to take up a new interest once my body and mind are more aligned and at peace with one another..

Cat HappyHeart

All of you help me by letting me know that you are here on this thread with me....




Re: Living with Ourselves


I do remember you writing about the plane emerging through the sunrise and it's symbolism for you...

yes travelling in a comfortable manner is a good idea when living with chronic pain...



how are your teeth? I don't think that you should have them all removed either...just keep up the brushing and flossing...regular checkups...

lovely that you took Mister for a drive and sat overlooking the you find that grounding?

great that you visit the beach when living many people live near beaches and never go...a shame..

such an important part of our nature...our world...

@Former-Member hope that your virus is just about gone and that you are feeling better...


@Exoplanet lightening and thunder when close can be very frightening for humans...even more so for animals with their heightened hearing...I imagine that you were relieved to get home...


In response to all of you....Cat HappyHeart3 things that might make a green grocer surprised...I thought of taking in a cow...a sheep and a goat..

I will leave that with you all to ponder over..

Re: Living with Ourselves


Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1 i think working on boats and with the water would be my chosen career if in ideal circumstances. Yea i find it very grounding...
Mister is keeping me on my toes with his traits as a working dog. He's just non stop. Go. Go. Go. Quite hard to handle and deal with really...
And my garden is growing. I quite often question the end results of what started

Re: Living with Ourselves

ohh hugs @Sophia1 HeartHeart

I have aches and pains but the doctor don`t know where they are coming from so they are sending me to a blood specialist in november

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