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Looking after ourselves

Re: not feeling good

Hugs @BlueBay. Sounds like you're in a very difficult situation.

Re: not feeling good


There’s nothing that can help anymore. 

No money no life no nothing. 


Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay this is one of those times that we have talked about where you need to take a step back, distract yourself and then look at what you are feeling from the outside. Instead of catastrophising think logically about what you are feeling and why. You have a good plan in place with the psychologist which will hopefully significantly reduce costs to see her. You are able to work and that is still bringing in some money - you are well enough physically again to be able to work and that is a huge bonus. You can ask you sons for a little more money to help with expenses - they are both adults and working so can contribute mre while you need it. I know as their Mum you want to be able to help them out financially but in this situation you are the one that needs the help and they are in a position to help with that too.


Re: not feeling good

Hi @Lauz@Zoe7@Sans911@TAB

just spoke to my doctor who keeps reassuring me thst I’ll get through this. I don’t know how he knows. He believes in me more than what I believe in myself. He knows I’m struggling terribly today. 

I asked my son if we could borrow some money just to get us through and he is happy to do that. My other son paid phone bill the other day otherwise I wouldn’t be connected. 

I don’t kniw how much longer I can do this. 

I just got a phone call from a mental health clinic who my psych made a referral. I’m seeing another psych fir an evaluation and assessment. Takes 2 hours to do. Whst the hell I have no idea where this is coming from. I’m lost as to why I need to go. Maybe I hsvr snother mentsl illness. I don’t know snd don’t care

@Zoe7 I’m trying to see this rationally but csnt at the moment. It seems like the whole world is crashing down. I’m sure I will see this later as a small issue. But right now I csnt think clearly. 

Told my doctor I won’t be here after the weekend. Told him I’m going to do something. His reply was that it would not solve anything 

Re: not feeling good

Your doctor is right that it won't solve anything @BlueBay infact it would make things worse - but you cannot see that when you are in such an emotional state. You will see this later when you are able to calm Hon. So we can be your voice of reason for now BB.

It is great that your son is helping you with money and great that the phone bill has been paid - one thing to cross off your list. For the rest of today it is about concentrating on the things you can do - are you still having Ayla tomorrow night?

Re: not feeling good

I’m not doing this anymore. I’ve got to get out. 

Re: not feeling good

Things are feeling really distressing for you today @BlueBay. You've done well to reach out for support. As a reminder, when you are feeling like this you can get better support by reaching out to the following services:
Lifeline 13 11 14
Suicide Callback Service 1300 659 467

Take good care of yourself today and please do reach out for support 🌼

Re: not feeling good

@s-jay I don’t know if I can anymore 

it’s just all too much snd hard. 

Im sorry to you and to everyone for bothering you all



Re: not feeling good

ohhhh  @saturnzoon thanks for letting us know., hope you feel better soon xoxo

Hello my sister @BlueBayHeart

Re: not feeling good

Still here even though I don’t want 

I’m so destructive 


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