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New Contributor

15 years of caring will it ever end

My son started his journey with mental illness 15 years ago and so did our family.

 I am exhausted but I still step up in times of crisis I don’t have a choice.

He gets lots of support from NDIS but I wish there was some crisis support other than hospital ( which never helps) .

 I recently had to cut short a holiday to come and help him, in the interim I called on a friend to call in on him and make sure he was safe this was very confronting for them and I don’t want to ask again does anyone know of a service that would offer this sort of support.


Re: 15 years of caring will it ever end

Doesn't it always seem that when we try to have a break something inevitably happens? 😬


In some states there are some private hospitals that offer mental health crisis response  @Any but where I live CATT/ public system is only option.  



Re: 15 years of caring will it ever end

I know someone who gets a daily call from Red Cross.  They may be worth it if they are local.

For urgent assistance, call: