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Re: A long rave

Hi @Mazarita @Exoplanet @Dadcaringalone @Shaz51 @PeppiPatty and anyone else around this morning.

Maz I hope your muse is up and running by now and that you're enjoying the video creating process.

@Dadcaringalone  fantastic to hear that you have support and self-care happening.

Peppipatty so nice that you return to the good memories often.  It's a goal of mine.


Support worker for me again today.  Going to the psychologist first and then to a major shopping centre to find gifts for adult child and granddaughter.  Starting to be quite excited about seeing them, and especially their new baby.  I want to get some foods adult child can eat - they are on low fodmap and lactose free diet, it's not easy to shop for treats for them.  So far I've got some pure maple syrup and some macadamia nuts.  And for my granddaughter 4 1/2 yo I want to get a beginner's music tuition book as I recently gave her a keyboard.  I also already got a colouring book and a learning to write book.   Anticipating next week with joy!



Re: A long rave

Dear @eth

it took me years to get where I am in memories. The memories of absolute abuse that my parents did in me when a young adult do like ..... well they are memories but don’t affect me anymore. 

I think I got through them by confronting them when alone and dealing with them creatively immediately. 

Things like : once I had a confronting dream. 

I just lay down on my tummy and wrote a poem thinking of the dream. 


Re: A long rave

Morning everyone. Dropping off a bucket of these 💛💙💚 here this morning on my quick wander around the forum.

Thinking of you @Mazarita, hoping you're still finding some balance with all you have going on and that the pressure isn't impacting your enjoyment in the creative process ❤

Re: A long rave

Hi @CheerBear @Mazarita @PeppiPatty @Shaz51 @Dadcaringalone @Faith-and-Hope @Exoplanet @outlander @greenpea @Teej @Appleblossom @Sophia1 and anyone else around this morning.  Hope today is starting well for you all and has some good stuff in it.

No plans for me yet today.  Will be around for chat if anyone wants.

@Mazarita I'm picturing you fully immersed in your video making process and hope it's flowing nicely for you.

@PeppiPatty your idea of writing a  poem is a good one.  I have written a lot of poetry over the years, but not since about this time last year.  Have recently started writing down my dreams as soon as I wake and I think there's probably some good material in there. 

Which brings @Silenus to mind - hello old friend.  Hope life is going well for you.  Will have to check out the writing thread in a minute.

@CheerBear hope your cold has abated and that you're enjoying your extra me time with the kiddles back at school.  And that your not well one is doing ok since the further surgery earlier in the week.



Re: A long rave

@eth Hi eth and good morning Smiley Happy hope  you are having a lovely morning. I am off to pick up my daughter soon so in the meantime am doing qi gong. Have had lots of wonderful rain here which has been fantastic. No news really but what do they say no news is good news Smiley Very Happy. Whatever you do today I hope it is full of 'pea'ce and love. greenpea xxx


Re: A long rave

Hi @eth and everyone .....

Head down, tail up with assignments here this morning, then studio this afternoon .... so it's a quick hi-bye for now.  Hope y'all have a good day.



Re: A long rave

Hello Everyone Smiley Happy


Ooohh the excitement of finding gifts & treats for your family @eth how wonderful Heart

Thinking of you @Mazarita hoping everything isn't getting too heavy Heart

I wonder how your teeth are going @outlander ?

Well done overcoming the bad dreams & memories @PeppiPatty Heart

Hoping everything is ok for you @CheerBear Heart

Love to all that need or want it Heart


Re: A long rave


Hi all, just wanted to let you all know that I’m much better now. My son has come down from his recent mania and has been sleeping for the past few days, I knew this would happen because “what goes up has to come down”!!


I saw my Psychologist yesterday arvo who was awesome! He explained that my son does not currently have ”insight” into how he’s hurting others and especially family the closest people to him. I should not loose hope because one of these days we will get the medication balance just right! Until then I need a lot of self care and support doing it all alone. This really helped me to feel like there is a road ahead and today I have much more hope. Thanks for all your ongoing support xxx


Re: A long rave

Just dropping into say hi to everyone. I’m not going to tag but to let you know I’m reading and thinking of you all with the good, the bad and the really hard stuff. 


I struggle to write much here anymore. I have this thing that replays in my head about my posts being too self absorbed. Please don’t reassure me on this as I know it’s my thing to work through but was just giving a heads up. 


So a brief teej update. Life is going as usual with lots of mood swings, lots of feeling out of control and living in my head too much so it’s pretty much business as usual 🙄. 


Just dropping in to say that I still love reading what you are all up to. Here’s hoping this finds everyone doing ok. 


Re: A long rave

evening all
just a pop in from me

@Exoplanet @Mazarita i think you both are in qld... i read theres a tornado warnng so please be safe

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