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New Contributor

Hi from a newbie <3


Hi everyone Smiley Happy

I feel positive about having joined this forum.

I'm an 18 year male, and in my 16 or so months of mental health treatment


Re: Hi from a newbie <3

Hi @blue_water and welcome to the forum 🙂


Have you had a chance to have a look around? There's heaps to join in with if you'd like!


@Hamsolo01 started this under 30's thread that you might like to check out. There is also the Weekly Friday Feast on tonight which happens over here and can be a great place to get to know people if you'd like to join in this evening (or any other Friday!).


Hope to see you around 🙂

Re: Hi from a newbie <3

Hey @blue_water and welcome to the forum bud.
How's it going?

Re: Hi from a newbie <3

Love your forum name @blue_water


Not applicable

Re: Hi from a newbie <3

WELCOME 2 SANE FORUM! @blue_water Woman Happy

I hope that you find answers, & friendships here in SF!

Love & Hugs!

Bella Heart Woman Very Happy

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