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I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

Please can someone tell me I am not the crazy one.

My Autistic son and I lost everything in the floods of 2013. My mother held my house as our Trustee. After the floods, my son and I wanted to move somewhere safer as it was too traumatic to go back to where we were. I approached her to sign the for sale contract on my house so we could move. She would not sign it UNLESS I gave her $5000.

I did not have $5000 as we had just lost EVERYTHING. In going through solicitors to try and get her to do the right thing by my son (her Autistic Grandson) to sign the contract, she still wouldnt unless I also paid her legal costs. With this and what my son and I had just been through. I had to walk away and she sold the house out from underneath us and left us homeless.

To this day, 5 years on, my son and I are still struggling to get back on our feet. I have managed to save for a small old house. BUT IT IS OURS..

Because she lost money on the sale of MY property, I am now receiving "Seizure and Sale" letters from her solicitor stating she is going to sell our house here because of the debt she incurred because of her OWN actions of Extortion and Greed. I am fighting through the Courts to get back what was ours that she has NO RIGHT to take.

Only for the Legal System to believe the Narcissist and let her continue to threaten us with Homelessness for a second time to her Greed.

What do I do??  I have written to every Government Department to be told, "It is a mother, it is acceptable" even though If I was to do this to her it would be Elder Abuse.

It is a case of Elder Abuse, BUT IT IS THE ELDER DOING THE ABUSING and the system is letting her. My son and I moved 50kms away to get away from her only to have her regularly come to the town we moved to FOR COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!

What we have been told by people in Authority "MOVE AGAIN"

What do I do other than the unthinkable???


Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

@Fudge2617 Hi Fudge2617 forget about narcissist she sounds psychopathic to me by what you have written. The more you fight her the more she seems to enjoy it as it gives her some kind of power kick by the sounds of it plus she gets to 'have contact with you and your son'. You know what I would do everything to get rid of her from my life and that would be to pay her whatever the courts say and then put a restraining order on her.


Life is to short to be wasted on someone like that. Cut your loses pay her as per courts say and then retraining order on her. She will be the one missing out on you and her grandson and will be miserable and lonely because of that. greenpea


Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

Hi @Fudge2617 reading your post I feel very very sorry and sad for you. Hugs ❤️

I totally agree with @greenpea 

cut your mum out of your life. And yes restraining order is something I would do. Thst way she csnt hurt you anymore and she misses out on your life snd her grandson. 

It’s  a disgrace your mum is doing to you, her daughter. 

I’m sorry if I sound hard but my mum,I believe is a narcissist but nit to thst point. 

Hugs snd love to you snd your son ❤️❤️


Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

Hello Greenpea.
I have tried all of that. I dont have anything left but my son. A sociopath haha. I tried to put a restraining order on her. THE JUDGE DISMISSED MINE BASED ON "She is your mother, Just accept it" No word of a lie. She went and put a D/V order on ME that the Courts believed. Not based on the above evidence given to them on my part. THEY PUT AN ORDER ON ME ON PROBABILITY. Yes Probability. Not the reality of was she has done. Because it is a mother doing this to her family, it is ok. She regularly comes to the town we moved to to make me breach the order. I have been to the police to be told, she is allowed to go where she wants as it is a free country!!!!! Even under the circumstances. I am sorry but I am so lost as I cant comprehend how they let someone do as she is after what she has done

Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

Hello Bluebay.
I have been NO CONTACT with her since 2012. Because we moved away and she no longer has control this is what she now does. I wiped her years ago as we have dealt with this all through our childhood but as kids you dont know any different. It is only since being an adult that you see that the mother was not normal. How many times can you tell someone to "Go Away" Stay away from us. IT IS HER APPROACHING US AND CONFRONTING US IN OUR OWN TOWN. All of this was in MY D/D application against her that was DISMISSED because the Courts said and I quote " what you mother has done is not classed as D/V"?? How is it not??? This is why I am losing the plot. I have tried every avenue. But I get an Order on me based on LIES and PROBABILITY. BECAUSE SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MOTHER. I jsut cant fathom the system. This shows how good af a narcissist she is!!!

Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

She does not care that she does not have contact with her grandson. She does not even care. It is all about causing as much heartache as she can and to see what she can get out of the system. My son calls her the "Evil One". She has confronted me in the carpark here. My Autistic son has later asked me to "Call the Police" No word of a lie. There is witnesses to this. NONE OF THIS WOULD BE ACCEPTED AS D/V ON HER PART?????


Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

When the Courts put the Order on me, I wanted to Appeal it. My Solicitor said "Let it go. I know it is UNJUST and WRONG but for you to fight it, it is just going to give her more drama to thrive off. On the chance that the Courts deny your appeal will only make her happy and put a smile on her face" I had to accept the Order BASED ON STOPPING GIVING HER the Drama. I just dont understand how the System can get it SO WRONG even with the evidence provided to them. HOW CAN THEY MAKE MAJOR DECISIONS BASED ON THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT INSTEAD OF GOING ON THE EVIDENCE PROVIDED RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM????? i JUST DONT UNDERSTAND

Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

And in her actions of Extortion and her stealing and selling our house out from underneath us, she caused a detriment to my son and I of over $185,000. <YES
$185,000 which is Economic and Financial abuse based on the Governments own Legislation on D/V.
But they would not class this as D/V?? Why?? They are all talking about Violence Against Women WHAT ABOUT VIOLENCE BY WOMEN???

Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!

                                      CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET


You're not sorry mother

You always meant to hurt us

You always meant to make us cry, But tonight

I'm Cleaning out my Closet.


Now I would never diss my own mother just to get recognition

But what she has done to us for greed, her morals are missing

So put yourself in my position and just try to envision

Your mother stealing your home and the greed in her mission

Her taking everything from you and leaving you homeless

Going through the court system to prove her a phoney

My whole life was around a Mother that is so selfish

Till I grew up and blew up cause you make me sick to my stomach

Your GREED, your THIEVING, your immoral family views

There's no way to justify the treatment from you


But guess what?? You're getting older now and it's cold when you're lonely

And Jasper is growing up so quick that he knows your a phoney

And he is getting so big now, you should see him, he's beautiful

But you'll NEVER see him, he wont even be at your funeral

See what hurts me the most is you wont admit you are wrong

Keep doing your thieving, shows your values as a mum (NONE)


You selfish thing, I hope you realise the hurt you have caused from your shit.

Remember everything you've stolen from your own family

Well guess what, we're as dead, dead to you as can be.


You're not sorry Mother

You always meant to hurt us

You always meant to make us cry, But tonight





Re: I am not crazy. It is my narcissistic mother!


I have had all I ever owned stolen from me too, now I have nothing, plus all this body pain limitations, & isolation. I Empathize with you now Fudge, even more, than I already did!

My goodness, it sure is living in torment, I have nitemares & bad dreams every other nite. I am here to support you, Spiritually, & emotionally anytime you like, if you want me to.

Your mother, doesn't deserve to be called a mother!! as far as I'm concerned.

Love & Hugs!

Bella Heart

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