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Well, Ralph is my online name

I lost my left frontal lobe, 20 years ago in a farm accident, there are no outward signs of  disability, l have walked my life since then with a hidden limp, l kept doing as I had done before.

   I know a bloke that lives a long way from me who has a head injury that is not apparent, l find it relaxing talking to him, someone who lives the parallel life that l do.

  A forum sounds like a none lonely place.

   Three things.

1 flying 

2 the rolling open paddocks

3 driving


Re: Well, Ralph is my online name

Hi there @Ralph

A warm welcome to the SANE Forum.  I am the moderator this evening and noticed that you have joined the community and made your first post. I note the three things you have posted and assume they are things you enjoy. It is great to have you aboard. We all hope that you find the forum useful, informative and connecting.  We certainly hope it is a "non lonely place."  Please feel free to refer the the guidelines for information about posting or seek help from the moderators or other community members.


if you are wanting additional support around Mental Health feel free to use the SANE Help Centre via the Helpline 1800 18 7263 or by email





Re: Well, Ralph is my online name

Thanks Whitehawk

Re: Well, Ralph is my online name

Hi @Ralph and welcome to the forum! You are among friendly folk here and hopefully you also find it helpful and relaxing.


Your three things sound simultaneously peaceful, exciting and inspiring. Do you fly yourself?


Re: Well, Ralph is my online name

Hey @Ralph
Welcome to the forums.
I have been on here for two years and it's a very good community Smiley Happy

Nice to meet you

Re: Well, Ralph is my online name



I am entering the deep un knowing, l have no idea where I am in I-phone land, in the Sane website, l am sure someone will help me tomorrow 

  l am going to bed now, thank you 


Re: Well, Ralph is my online name

@Ralph  Hi Ralph and welcome to the forum Smiley Happy. You will find that we are a friendly bunch of people. Talk soon. greenpea Smiley Very Happy


Re: Well, Ralph is my online name

That is so great that you are able to fly @Ralph. It's something I'm sure a lot of us would love to do. To respond to a person in a comment, just type the @ symbol and then their name, it should automatically start populating. 


If you ever get lost in the forum, you can go back to other parts of the forum by clicking the text above the heading. These are called "breadcrumbs" i.e. marks of where you have gone in your journey. So to go back to "Our stories" just click on that heading and if you want to go back further, click "Lived Experience Forum". 






We hope this helps you navigate the forum - sing out if you have any other questions! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Well, Ralph is my online name

Well Ali11, l don’t know how to edit my response, I was just playing with the buttons

above,  I am sorry. I am not sure of what to say on this forum but I realise no reference to any place at all, whatsoever.

   I am moving into a flat soon. I am building a shed out of second hand bits on my block of land(no hint, of where it is at all). Just had a 4 page report from Neuropsychiatry, better than I thought.

    Am I saying the right sort of stuff? I haven’t worked out how to go backwards and see what other people are talking about.


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