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New Contributor

coping with my father's mental health

I am caring for both of my parent's but my father has mental health issues which I'm now finding it very hard to deal with. He constantly puts me down and makes me feel inferior and upset. So much so that I have been terribly depressed particurlary the last 2 days spending the time crying. I've asked for help from GP's but dad refuses to take medication for his anxiety/depression. He will not see a professional of any kind. I just don't know how much more I can handle. I don't want to go near them at the moment but it's my resposibility and I do love them very much.

Can anyone suggest some coping mechanisms for me because I'm at the end of my tether?


Re: coping with my father's mental health

Hi @kpm,


Thank for taking the time to reach out here at the forums! Welcome!

Being a carer is so full of conflicting emotions - there is so much love and desire to help and support but it can be equally draining which in turn can make you feel guilty! 

I thought I would share some links to other threads that have some really useful strategies, feel free to go to any of them and have a read or post in them as well.

There is also this Topic Tuesday: Helping a love one that doesn't want help which could be a really helpful read


Re: coping with my father's mental health

Hi Lauz

Thankyou for replying to my email. I'll make time to join in on the forum
om Tuesday.

Cheers kpm

Re: coping with my father's mental health

Hi @kpm

It is tough when our loved ones are not travelling so well and particularly when they are not able to see that engaging with treatment might be of benefit to them (and subsequently the flow on effects to us as carers 😀). 


There are things we can do to ensure that we have our own resilience to be able to withstand the inevitable stings that come with caring.   I will tag you in the carers tips thread.


@Over_whelmed is a new forum member who is also caring for an older man

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