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Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope I fell asleep on the couch last night and stayed there until I woke about 2am. I then headed to bed and slept until about 6am - not as late as I usually wake so it seems the med decrease is affecting my sleep. I need to keep going with this reduced dose for now and see how it goes more long term - the hope was that I would feel less tired in the mornings but so far that hasn;t happened. Going to have another nap this morning and then hopefully get out in the garage. It isn't supposed to be as hot today so it should be more comfortable to work in the garage. No doubt Toby will be supervising again but there are a couple of things I need to do that I need to keep him safe from so will have to lock him out of the garage - he won't like that but he will have to put up with it for a while.

My plan is to get the framing of the wall finished today so I can begin the sheeting tomorrow. 

Not much else going on here for now but loving that there are only 3 weeks to go of you being away - and yes I will be counting down the days. Hope you sleep well Hon. Heart

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope I have got most of what I wanted to get done in the garage today done. I need to measure, cut and screw in 6 supports but it got too hot in there to get that all done today. Toby was supervising too so wanted to get him out of the heat. He is now asleep on the couch after having a big drink. I am going to head back out later and move some things to get to my saw then it will all be set up to work on it tomorrow. If I can get the beams done in the morning I can start measuring and cutting the sheets in the afternoon but that also depends on who is playing in the tennis tomorrow. 

I do need to go to the shop later as well and but that won't take too long. Will wait until the babies are fed to do that. 

Slowly getting things outside done but still a lot to do. I need to take my time though as I am still quite tired most days and can only do a little before I start to feel it. 

Hope you are well and having some fun while you are there. As always - I miss you and can't wait until you are back. Love and hugs (and some from Cat and Toby too) 😍😺🐢

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope @CheerBear Friend update - been messaging again today and tonight and he has finished his painting so is going to come for a visit to my place sometime in the next couple of days. I told him I would be in the garage finishing that off but he is welcome to come and watch me work lol. He has also mentioned that it wuld be nice to have a meak and watch a movie together so we have made tentative plans to do that soon too. I definitely want to have the garage finished first so I can relax knowing that is all done - it might be a nice reward for me to have that to come once I have the garage finished. I will try to complete as much as I can tomorrow so I have more of the week to myself. 

Heading off forum now to wind down and try for an early night - goodnight to you both ...and goodnight to everyone else following along @Former-Member @Sherry and others I have forgotten tonight Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Far and Away

That’s lovely @Zoe7

Im really happy for you. 

That really is something nice to look forward to. 

I remember that you mentioned that your friend was happy to help you with the garage. 

Hopefully that will happen, so you can go for  a meal and movie very soon. 

Cant wait to hear how it goes. 

I’m heading off too. Shower and hopefully an earlier night. It was after 1am last night. Very unsettling night, nightmare as well   

It pays to be in a routine of early nights, that’s for sure. 

Not sure how I can sleep when D us out late often. 

Heres hoping for a good sleep for us both. Night night. πŸ’œπŸ¦‹


Hello to you @Faith-and-Hope I hope your day was good.  Church day for you. I guess you have a good one to go to over there. πŸ’–β˜•οΈπŸ‘‹

My faith confessions are going to help in the long run. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘


Nighty night everyone. πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

Re: Far and Away

Daily update time while the fur babies are eating their dinner @Faith-and-Hope πŸ˜ΊπŸΆ

You will read most of my day on ANC so I won't rehash it here - it has been a big day again. I had my psych appointment this morning that I nearly forgot - if I hadn't remembered I had a reminder on Friday then I would have completely forgot it. I had enough time to get myself dressed and made it there with a couple of minutes spare - so all good.


Aside from what you will read on ANC I also talked a little about missing you - my psych actually brought it up and asked if you were still away and how I was coping. Luckily I could tell her you will be back soon and that I can't wait to catch up with you. She understands how precious you are to me and loves that we have that connection - as do I Heart


I have finally finished the framing for the wall in the garage and my sister is coming around tomorrow to help me do the sheeting. I need someone to help me move and all the sheets off the trailer and then hold them up while I glue and nail them. I know I don't have enough nails so Toby and I will take a trip to Bunnings in the morning before she gets here. It will be great to finally have the garage done and then I can spend some time putting up the shelves and sorting things out. I am hoping for no rain for at least the next 2 days so I can get that all done - then I can sort out which tools need to be replaced because they are either rusted or have been submerged in the flooding we have had earlier. I still have Bunnings cards from Christmas and my birthday that I can use to replace them so a BIG shopping trip to come to Bunnings!


The Australian Open is on now so plenty of tennis watching over the next 2 weeks and there are a lot of Australians playing this year so looking forward to seeing how some of them go. I have my favourites - and some I don't particularly care for - so it will be interesting to see how they all go.


The Hurricanes play tonight too so I will be switching between tennis and cricket - too much sport for this little butterfly to be watching lol


Have had more contact with friend today and we are both getting things around the house done. It looks like it will be later in the week when we meet again as I am really busy over the next few days. I have to go the old school to pick up a couple of things we made for the parade so they don't get thrown out - my sister is going to help me do that too. ...and GP, DBT (maybe - will be notified of that tomorrow) and pdoc all on Wednesday. My pdoc has told me not to cancel appointments if I can't afford it as she would sort it out with me - she bulk billed last week and can do that again if I don't have DBT - so whatever happens I will have GP and pdoc appointments on Wednesday.

I think that is about it for today (so far) Smiley Tongue


Hope you have had a good sleep and your day ahead is filled with light Hon. Love ya Heart

Re: Far and Away

Hi my angel - you have just made my night knowing you are around @Faith-and-Hope πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ’•

Re: Far and Away

Hello @Faith-and-Hope, I can see supporting all my comments you my totally awesome friend HeartHeart


Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope I see you have already read ANC so I won't go over everything again but I am pretty excited that the wall is finished Smiley Very Happy It actually was really lovely having my sister to help me and she really was a help - I couldn't have done it without her. Her partner came around to give us a hand for a while but soon realised that we had it all under control and left us to it. I am kind of glad he didn't stay as it gave my sister and I some timeon our own and we had a few laughs as well. I feel like we are becoming much closer again and that is really nice to feel. Her partner and her began a discussion about something he hadn't done yet at home and I shut them both down by asking them to discuss it later when they were home - both took it really well and stopped their 'discussion'. I really am getting better at stepping in and voicing what I think but doing it calmly to diffuse the situation Smiley Surprised

Toby and Cat are well - Cat has been on my bed all day and is now sitting out in the garden again - she loves it out there and looks so comfortable. Toby has of course followed me everywhere today but stayed out of the way in his supervisory role lol

DBT is not on tomorrow so I have a GP appointment early in the morning and then pdoc at 1pm. I will come home after my gp app and begin putting up the shelves. Still a lot to do before I can move things back in but need to get it done tomorrow before expected rain comes on Thurs and Friday. 

I have had my daily message from friend and will probably chat with him again tonight. I am finding myself looking forward to his messages and looking forward to when we next catch up. I will be really busy ver the next couple of days but after that hopefully we can catch up - no doubt I will let you know when we do Smiley Wink

It feels like this week is going quite quickly which means there will only be 2 weeks before you are back - I can't wait - counting down the days here Hon - missing you like crazy and very much looking forward to hearing all about your time away.

Will say goodnight as usual later but that is about it for now. Say hi to Visual and D2 from me and I'll give Toby and Cat a hug from you. Love ya heaps πŸ’•πŸŒΉπŸ˜

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Faith-and-Hope. I have a busy day planned with GP and pdoc appointments and planning on putting up the shelves in the garage inbetween. Once they are up I can start moving things back into the garage and sorted out as I go. There is a lot of cleaning up as I go and definitely a lot that can be thrown out. I do need to keep the trailer free to collect a couple of things from the old school but I am planning on doing that tomorrow - rain dependent though. Then I can start stacking things on the trailer to be taken to the tip. Definitely have a ,ot to do over the next couple of weeks so will be busy rather than worrying about hearing about where I will be and what that will look like for the new school.

I have to also go to the hardware store - will go to a smaller one on the way from the gp rather than a longer trip to Bunnings today. Only need one thing so hope they have it.

I also need to go to the chemist and shop for cat food - have enough of Cat's morning food but not her nightime food. Also need to fill scripts for a couple of meds that I will run out of soon - so doing it all at once will be good to have it all done. Getting very short of money already but still have a week before I get paid so need to be very careful with how I spend what I have left. Definitely looking forward to pay day and then getting back to work so I can get more. Should be able to get through until then but it is getting much tougher again. I do have enough food so it is just those necessary other things like cat food and meds that I need to worry about for now.

I do hope you have had a good day and your night is an easy one. Still counting down the days here and hoping you are looking forward to coming home as well. Hope you sleep well Hon. Love and hugs Heart

Re: Far and Away

Hey @Faith-and-Hope Hope you are sleeping right now Hon Smiley Very Happy

I have had a busy day - went to my GP appointment - my blood pressure was a little low but nothing to be concerned about. Went to the hardware shop, chemist and supermarket and forgot the cat food so I will have to go back later. I have enough for a couple of days so it can wait but I only had 4 things on my list and I forgot one of them lol - should have written a list rather than trying to remember everything - apparently I can't remember 4 things only 3 Smiley Surprised

My pdoc appointment went a bit longer today - we did talk about work a lot - what was happening for me before I got sick and that the 'crash' I had was probably inevitable with everything I was doing and for so long. It is essential that I find a better balance when I go back and not take on so much. The last thing I want is to get to a point where I am doing so much extra that I run myself into the ground again. 

We are sticking with the reduction in my night meds although I am not sleeping as long now - hoping that will even out a bit more as I gradually get back into things. The pool is open again next week so I can go back to that and that should help me get into a better routine again.

I have managed to put up one set of shelves today but have one to go. Wainting until it cools down a bit as it is like a sauna in the garage in the afternoon. I have the doors open to let some of the heat out and let the breeze cool it off before I go out there and begin with the last set of shelves. Toby of course is 'supervising' me so I also need to come out of the garage regularly so he isn't in the heat also. Right now he is spread out on his bed on the floor sound asleep - little cherub 🐢 Cat is outside somewhere but it won't be long before she is calling out for her dinner. I think I will feed them both before I start with the next lot of shelves.

Feeling pretty exhausted today but am pushing myself to get these shelves done so I can star moving things back in from outside in the morning.

Hope you have a wonderful day Hon and you are finding plenty of light in your life. Hugs and hugs and hugs Heart

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