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Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope πŸŒΉπŸ˜


@Faith-and-Hope @Sherry  Just got sent the nominations for the panel I am on so will have some reading to do today before we meet tomorrow. Had a quick look and it is going to be hard to decide so glad there are 3 of us to discuss each nomination.

Re: Far and Away

Coming over here to check in on you @Faith-and-Hope Getting a bit busy on the other thread and need a little space for myself as well. How was your time at the coffee shop with D1 and SIL? I have managed to have anither sleep this morning and then get lunch. Your niece came in briefly but is back outside sunning herself in the garden. I would get a photo for you but whenever I approsch her she comes walking over to me so not easy to get that photo. She looks really happy there so I will leave her to sun herself in peace. Toby is following me around and cuddling up behind me on the couch again - nothing unusual there hey!


I haven't started any housework or Toby's hair yet but usually have more energy to do those things later in the day so not pressuring myself ...and still in my jammies so although comfortable it doesn't give me the motivation to actually get up and do things - but I did manage lunch so that is something.


I know I am putting things off but that motivation is hard to find at the moment - oh well - take it as it comes - it will all get done eventually Smiley Tongue

Re: Far and Away

Coffee with the kids was good @Zoe7 , and got to talk about some important things.


Can you break things down into baby steps Hon ?  Lay out the stuff on the table for the papier-mΓ’chΓ© without starting on it until later ?  Get Toby’s haircut things ready (although I imagine you would have to hide the scissors from his view ... lol) ?


I find it helps with motivation to get the ball rolling at a trickle-pace, then give it a tip-along every time you go past, like adding a layer of papier-mΓ’chΓ©, for instance, or clipping just a bit of one of Toby’s problem areas ...., build it up progressively, but still within the day.

Re: Far and Away

It is great to hear you got to talk about some important things and by yourselves with no-one else around is good too @Faith-and-Hope Those conversations are important to have Smiley Happy


I have hair clippers that I use to cut Toby's hair then scissors for around his eyes. It is so much easier when he is settled and has his chew bone ...have his bone out ready and the clippers box in the loungeroom already so part way there. He has taken himself outside now so will wait for him to come in again. ...spoke too soon - here he comes lol


I know you are right - need to get rolling at a trickle pace and tackling Toby is the first thing I need to do. I have also to get the plastic cover off the elephant outside to put on the floor to put the echidna on so that is something else to add to the list for today. I'll get there - might need another sleep first.

Re: Far and Away

I am dropping some shoes and such off for mending, picking up a favourite salad (to keep me eating right) and heading back to the home space to eat with my other girls @Zoe7 .  Back in a while ....

Re: Far and Away

I am going to have a lay down @Faith-and-Hope Lunch is not agreeing with me today so need to let my tummy settle for a while. Will check in with you when I feel more alive again Heart

Re: Far and Away

Feeling a bit better after a sleep. Also realised I didn't take my meds this morning and one of them is for my stomach so have had them now and hoping that settles my stomach further. It is certainly not what I wanted (or needed) today but feeling a little more 'alive' now. Going to start Toby's haricut and see how far I get without him running away.

Will check back in after I have done that @Faith-and-Hope Hope your afternoon is going well Heart

Re: Far and Away

Toby has had a haircut @Faith-and-Hope I will need to trim around his eyes but he won't sit still enough for me to do that at the moment. Little bugger wanted to play jumpies with me - thought it was a game when he had had enough of sitting there Smiley Surprised

The green rug is now white lol so definitely doing the vacuuming next Smiley Tongue

Cat is already talking to me for her dinner as well so it is madness in the Zoe household Smiley Very Happy

Definitely feeling better now I have had my meds - that is what happens when I am up super early - I forget when I feed my babies because my routine is all out of whack.

Toby will need a really good brush but that may have to wait until tomorrow - but I will give him his bone tonight and see if he sits there long enough to get to the knots. At least now neither of us should trip over his hair hahaha

Re: Far and Away

Update number 3 lol @Faith-and-Hope 

Toby's hair all done βœ…

Vacuuming done βœ…

Babies fed βœ…

Zoe buggered βœ…

Re: Far and Away


I'm exhausted too zoe @Zoe7 

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