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Senior Contributor

Low Level now in WA

I have been trying to copy a picture without success but the news is that there has been low level snow in WA - near Perth I believe


This is a rare event - climate change you ask? I think so - though when I was a small child in snowed in Melbourne once - we thought we'd get a day off school but we didn't - it was cold that day


We get snow in Melbourne's eastern suburbs sometimes - rarely - certainly not in the lower areas near the city and Port Phillip Bay


What else does the weather have in store for us?






Re: Low Level now in WA

A friend who is an amateur weatherman is predicting snow in a lot of odd places this year. I definitely think climate change has caused it.

Re: Low Level now in WA

Never imagined snow in Perth @Dec! It sure will be interesting to see what else the future months have in store for us with weather.

Re: Low Level now in WA

Was like 2 deg here this morning @Dec ok in WA not perth was 40 last week ok max temp and min temp

Re: Low Level now in WA

Climate change is partly about extremes and not just global warming ... I will check it out. @Dec 

Smiley Happy

Only known snow in Melbourne once, but more often in Ballarat ...


Re: Low Level now in WA

It was further south @Dec, near Albany, on the peaks. This is about 800kms or so away, and themps here a several degrees cooler than the city and surrounds. I've never seen snow in or close to the city. That would be a first!

Re: Low Level now in WA

This brought some interesting answers - I have forgotten to check up how things are in Perth or Southern WA over the last couple of days


But today they have a maximum of 20 and mostly sunny - which sounds okay - good even


We've had great weather for Easter in Melbourne this year - 


btw - Happy Easter everyone







Re: Low Level now in WA

Top of the Perongerups gets snow every other year ..... southern WA ..... not enough to ski however 😏



Re: Low Level now in WA

No skiing, but maybe you could make a mini snowman @Faith-and-Hope?

Re: Low Level now in WA

Some people did @Ali11 😊


I am on the other side of the country ..... much closer to real snow here.

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