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Re: The Community Garden :)

Hi @Sim1 and welcome to the community gardening thread.


🌷🌷🌷🥦🥕🌽 🌱🌱🌱

Re: The Community Garden :)

Thank you, I'm looking forward to meeting others on here with the same interests Smiley Happy

Re: The Community Garden :)

Hi @Jessie2 

I feel your pain, it's been 31+ over the last week then it's storms and pouring rain. It means I'm stuck inside.

My partner keeps commenting on how Brown I am.

Re: The Community Garden :)

Hi all gardeners 👋🏻


Just dropping this off as @CheerBear helped me get back into my garden. Today I took these photos. The bougainvillea is one I want to cut out because there are too many thorns and it’s really dense. I’m going to try to grow one in a pot though because it’s spectacular at this time of year. 


*Edited to delete the sentence about my dogs balls that really didn’t read well 😂🤦‍♀️




happy gardening now that it is cooler @Bentpole-01 , @Sim1 , @Anxietyfree , @Anxietyfree , @CheerBear  @Shaz51 and all that pass through. 💜🌵🌲🌳🌴☘️🌿🌱 🍁🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼🌻

Re: The Community Garden :)

They are so beautiful @Teej 😊

love the pink flower 

Re: The Community Garden :)

Thank you @BlueBay. I hope there are some lovely flowers in your part of the world now. 🌺🌹🌷🌸

Re: The Community Garden :)

my bougainvilleahas don`t flowered as like last year @Teej , maybe too wet at the moment , your`s are lovely xxx

Hello @BlueBay , @CheerBear , @Bentpole-01 , @Sim1 

Re: The Community Garden :)

Hi @Teej 

Thanks for the tag and pics. They look amazing, my two year old was trying to smell them through the phone!😅

It's been rainy a lot around here lately so I'm stuck in the house(with the kids)

A friend of ours brought us a bunch of indoor plants, hanging ones too. Nice bright colours.20190326_143852.jpg

I have laid a row of white pebbles along my edging.

Re: The Community Garden :)

@Shaz51 I would love to have an egg chair in my garden. I bet you get a lot of enjoyment from it 

Re: The Community Garden :)

@Shaz51 hey we got two of the egg chairs a little while ago. Our youngest one loves it too.😊

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