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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Just dropping by at the Friday Feast after doing a yoga session - dinner is beetroot and black bean patties (leftovers from dinner with my daughter last night) and salad. 


So @Lunar is joining the ranks of parenthood. I love being a Mum and enjoyed the baby stage so much. Might have been just a few times broken nights wore me down. It’s been a long time since I held a baby. Don’t know if grandkids will ever be on the cards. 


Congrats @Lunar - you will be a great mother I’m sure. 


Hope everyone one is well. 

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Yum @Lunar love fresh cinnamon donuts 

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Thank you so much @soul have always loved your taste in music from what you have shared on the forum Smiley Happy I am excited to get the little one listening to all the good music from the 60s and 70s - oh and 80s and 90s ofcourse!

Sounded like such a yum dinner too


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

yep @Lunar

my mum is back home from hospital today

food shopping for us and mum '

some mowing tomorrow -- been soo hot and dry up here which is unusual , but the lawns need a tidy up

I promised @Darcy I would do some self care for me sometime over the weekend

maybe see my uncle in hospital

or seeing my brand new 3rd cousin baby girl born yesterday

how about you , apart from  packing xxx


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Lovely @Shaz51 glad to hear your mum is home from hospital, and yes make sure you prioritise some self-care, so important!

Yes I have a lot of packing to do and some trips to vinnies to cull some clothes and things, also some breakfast plans, hoping to get in a sleep in tomorrow too 😊

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Lilyq@Shaz51@greenpea@Lunar@Darcy@outlander, @Former-Member, @frog@Adge@Surfbird@soul, and everyone,

I'm late to the Feast tonight but had to drop in to say a final farewell to @Lunar, and congratulations on the impending arrival to your life (not to mention a move to the seaside). I love living by the ocean, and am sure you will too, as will bub.

Bacon and egg sandwich for dinner here, yum. 

Sending good vibes to everyone here and hope you enjoy the rest of the night.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Also sending thanks @Lunar I  havent been around long but have appreciated you while I've been here, I live by the ocean it's great, we moved here when my kids were toddlers and they got to grow up in a great environment. Good luck with your move. 

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

ohhh a sleep in sounds good @Lunar

I think I will turn off Hubby`s alarm clock later so it wont go off early in the morning Smiley LOL

Hello @Mazarita xx my scotirish sister

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Good night feasters and all the best @Lunar 

images (78).jpeg




Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Thank you SO much for tonight @Darcy such a special and kind thing to do 😊 have a lovely weekend!


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