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Watching SBS tonight???

Hi all! Is any one planning to watch How 'Mad' Are You tonight on SBS? I know the name is not ideal, but the trailer looks pretty powerful, here it is:


After the second episode airs next week one of the cast will join us for a chat over here.

We think it's going to make for an interesting chat and hope some of you will join us.


In the meantime - anyone planning to watch tonight?


Re: Watching SBS tonight???

Yes going to watch it. Thanks fir the reminder @s-jay. It should be interesting. I’m hoping to get my husband to watch it too. I hope he does. 

Re: Watching SBS tonight???

I agree @BlueBay, should be very interesting.

Will chat with you tomorrow and we can swap thoughts on it!
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Re: Watching SBS tonight???

Hi @s-jay,


i just wanted to say thanks for bringing this to light.

I’ve had a look at the trailer and I very much look forward to sitting down with my partner tonight & watching it.


This thread could make for very interesting discussion after it airs tonight.


I think many of us experiencing mental health & there support people would have had very mixed experiences with different “so called” mental health professionals.

Re: Watching SBS tonight???

Yes @Former-Member, @s-jay@BlueBay

going to watch it and taped the show 

Re: Watching SBS tonight???

@s-jayI am watching it now. Seems interesting to say the least 

Re: Watching SBS tonight???

@Snowie @Shaz51 @Former-Member @BlueBay  - what did you think? 


I'm going to watch it on on-demand today

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Re: Watching SBS tonight???

Very interesting, I hope that it will get people talking and help reduce the stigma that plagues us with mi.

I look forward to next week.


I text a few of my family members in the hope of getting the word out.

This forum is the only place for me that has people that understand.




Re: Watching SBS tonight???

@s-jayI don't like the title of it at all.

Was an interesting watch, seems like the professionals are playing a guessing game. 

Re: Watching SBS tonight???

I hve taped it @s-jay, going to have a better look today

started watching last night @Darcy and i think i know which one has clinical depression as mr shaz was diagnosed that years ago


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