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When You Were A Child: Unwrapping Christmas Presents.

Here's something to think about. Going back into time to your childhood,particularly at Christmas time. Do you remember dreaming of things you wanted for Christmas? Do you remember opening up your presents and finding some of those things? Now you can share those moments with us here. I'll start.....

Mum and dad tried various things for Christmas day. We would wake up in the morning,like about 6am.Our presents were in our room.Those that could fit on the end of our beds were waiting for us.What a treat. Another year we would wake up and go out to our Christmas tree and find all our presents under the tree. We had wrapping paper and packaging every where.

Mum and dad bought the contents of a department store in the late 1960s.That year we got a lot of presents.Mum got household items and things for the whole house.What a Christmas that year.Shoes,clothing,toys,Jeldo rugs and everything else you could imagine. They opened up a local shop nearby and were selling the rest of the items.Worked there during the holidays too.

Mum always took us kids to the best toy shop in the region.What a shop.It had the best toy department.Most parents took their kids there.


Over to you.Please share your memories here. Thanks.Enjoy this topic.......


Re: When You Were A Child: Unwrapping Christmas Presents.

Hi @Denv12,

I remember getting a trail of easter eggs through the house and a swatch watch at the end when i was about 4-5 very cool.

I also got taken on a trip which was a great memory.

Great thread.



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