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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

❤️ While you are still finding your own  .... @Zoe7

Re: Am Not Coping


I'm here too @Zoe7

I know you and I know that you're amazing and talented teacher. Not only that but you're a very decent person. I'm here for you anytime.... <3


Re: Am Not Coping

Very much feeling like I have lost my way again @Faith-and-Hope All I can do tonight is cry. Today was supposed to be a happy day - a day I finally achieved my goal of getting back to work. I honestly don't knw if I have the strength to do this. I know the news of Lunar has really added to how I am feeling but this all shouldn't be getting to me as much as it is - maybe I'm just too broken and the glue holding the pieces together is finally giving way. I am sorry to be putting this all onto you but you are the person I trust the most and your opinions matter so much to me.

Re: Am Not Coping

You’re naming your fears @Zoe7 rather than sweeping them under the carpet.  That is a

strength.  It’s how we face them and overcome them Hon.  This is the time to reach deep into what you have been learning and hold on tight .... let the wave wash over you and on its way.


Rest tonight Hon ..... you have put this  here ..... bow

just rest and let your physical body recover so you are stronger for the mind-battles.   Those people who hurt you don’t deserve the satisfaction ..... it’s a shallowness of character on their part, and those kids need to learn a better way.  It won’t just be science and maths you are teaching them ..... it’s also how to get back up after a bad fall.


Higs n hugs ..... the glue can hold ..... rest and let it gain strength again.  You are so worth it.



Re: Am Not Coping

And I really don’t understand why the Principal told

you .... sounds like whatever it was was better left unsaid.


@Zoe7 ❤️

Re: Am Not Coping

Oh @Faith-and-Hope You always know what to say to help me Hon - I know you have said so often that you learnt so much from your mother but she would be so proud of the person you are - just as I am. I am still far from sleeping tonight but think it will be a case of falling asleep on the couch with my little fluffball close by - think also that is the safest place for me tonight. 

With all the sadness for me today I haven't even asked how your day has been and how D3 is - hope she is recovering.

Re: Am Not Coping

She had her own concerns around her other staff members and how they would react having me back after. Apparently one was concerned that I would seek support from them - when in-fact the opposite would be true because I have no relationship with that person at all now and haven't done for a long time - they cut off contact with me when I got sick ...whether that be intentional or not it hurt me - so not likely I would even imagine that they would be supportive. 

Also there was concern that I was suicidal - that meeting today certainly made me feel that way again. There was only one person I confided in that I was struggling that badly so for that to get to this Principal makes me doubt again that talking to anyone in my life is an option - that has really set me back - so much for trying to trust people @Faith-and-Hope

Re: Am Not Coping

It’s not everyone @Zoe7 ..... there are a lot of people who are trustworthy, but the ratbag few spoil it for everyone.  It’s the same with bad news stories ..... if all the good news in the world was reported everyday, it would far outweigh the bad stuff.


D3 has recovered ..... I have been missing for the last couple of hours because we have been at the movies.  There’s a little bit of good news for you .... 🌷

Re: Am Not Coping

Evening @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope

I hear what you are saying @Zoe7 in regards to those other staff members. That is rough.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is shift focus onto your role. Your job, the kids, your financial reward for doing so, your dignity that comes with doing something you like.

Could that be a way of coping?

Re: Am Not Coping

So pleased D3 has recovered and also great that you have been out at the movies. I was hoping youo were doing your art but the movies is a great second for you @Faith-and-Hope

I think I should try to sleep and put this day behind me. I am not sure how much I will be around this weekend - need to try to get myself out of this state I am in presently. Still have tears ...they really haven't stopped all night. So might go and snuggle up with Toby and see how I go tonight.

Goodnight Hon - you know how much I love and care for you 💐💕😍

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