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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Chest Pain

Today I was doing exercise when I suddenly had a pain in the left side of my chest shooting up to my neck. I was also a bit breathless. It could be a strain .... or it could be cardiac.


I have taken an Asprin. That is all I can do. The Gym wanted to call an Ambulance, but I had to cancel that. They would have taken me to the local Health Service. I cannot go there. If I go to a GP they will also send me to the ED too.


To get seen would mean a couple of hours drive over the border. I do not feel up to that.


The Local Heath Service is where I was brutalised and caused my PTSD. They also said I am not to go there. It did say i could if seeking assistance but I do not have any trust in them so I would prefer to die. I know feel very vulnerable not having any health back up.


Re: Chest Pain

Hi @Orwellian, chest pain isn't something to be taken lightly and we're concerned for you. It could be a pulled muscle but it's best to err on the side of caution. You can look at heart attack symptoms on the Heart Foundation website here, however, they do recommend that you call 000 if your symptoms are severe, getting worse or have lasted for 10 minutes.


We know that you don't want to go to your local health service, however, if you are having a cardiac episode please know that any doctor has taken an oath and they would do anything and everything to help improve your health. 


Re: Chest Pain

Hi Orwellian

It sounds like you have had a tough time today with the chest pain,and without any medical back up. I hope you are okay now.


One option, that you may well know about, is the healthdirect helpline on 1800 022 222. It is described as follows:

"The healthdirect helpline is a 24-hour telephone health advice line that operates seven days a week. It is staffed by registered nurses who provide expert health advice. You can call for advice if you or a member of your family are feeling ill and are unsure what to do, or for health information on a particular condition."


All the very best.




Re: Chest Pain

Hope you are doing better @Orwellian 


Re: Chest Pain

I did call 1800 022 222 and spoke to them. They advised to get an Ambulance but confirmed they would be obliged to take me to the closest hospital ED. So I cannot do that. I would prefer to arrest than go back there.


Re: Chest Pain

I hear you @Orwellian 


You have had a bad experience in the past and this is stopping you from seeking help with chest pain


And you would rather arrest - even die - but I can assure you don't want to take that route - chest pain can be so severe it is terrifying and a heart attack might not take you - it might just damage your heart


My son-in-law had some chest pain and was sent for an angiogram and had an ermergency triple by-pass the next day - scary yes - but he is well now and still wil us - we are all so glad he saw his doctor


You must be concerned or you would not have started a thread - and driving with a possible heart issue and you don't feel up to it is not a good idea either -


I do hear you though - you have been traumatised in the past and this has left a bad memory 




Re: Chest Pain

Hi @Orwellian  chest pain is scary. I know. I’ve had it a few times. And I called fir an ambulance. each time I was taken seriously and tsjen to hospital. It wasn’t a heart attack but I was checked thoroughly and had tests done before I was discharged. 

I know you had a terrible experience with your hospital but please go. The doctors are professional they will do their job and check you out. 

After all it could possibly be a pulled muscle but best to be safe than sorry. 

Take care. 


Re: Chest Pain

I do not have any trust in the important people who make the clinical decisions there, the administrators and accountants.


They have ALL the power.


I was told I could not go there, so I will not.


Re: Chest Pain

Go very gently with yourself. @Orwellian 

Its good you keep posting and letting us know you are hanging in there.

Regional services can be the pits and the extra distance a burden.

Still your physical health is important. 

Would researching angina give you any clues.?

Take Care




Re: Chest Pain

I know a lot about medical matters and realise that it is possibly cardiac related. The pain pattern is the best fit for something a bit nasty.


The Private Hospital in the area is only profit driven it only provides facilities for the poor Doctors to gain their second yacht and private aircraft to take them to their ski chalet. I am exculded from accessing the Public Health facilities. I have thought about  death a lot of late so this is as good a way as any.

For urgent assistance, call: