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Something’s not right

Re: Depression

Re: Depression

Re: Depression

Aww hello @oceangirl what’s been happening with you?
Sorta same old here, (real time wry smile) can’t seem to get out of my own way here still seems . 😸

Re: Depression

hello @oceangirl, @TAB Smiley Very Happy


Re: Depression

Hi @Shaz51

Re: Depression

Thanks for the shout out @oceangirl I hope things are okay for you

Re: Depression


@TABI've been pretty busy- I just got back from a cruise last Saturday and stayed in Brisbane last Saturday night. I am good, but I have a kidney infection and trying to recovery from this. I am not feeling too bad just really tired atm. I hear you Tab, keep going- small steps. 

@Shaz51How are you sis?

Hope you have a good night guys!!

Re: Depression

Anyway my reply just got nuked by mods @oceangirl guess it was because from me. Can’t care. Get Well

Re: Depression

Hi @oceangirl Glad you are hanging in there despite infection. You did not get it from the ship? I know some of them struggle with containing infections ...

Woman FrustratedWoman HappyWoman Happy

@TAB  Awwww. You have a wonderful creative way with words ...

Smiley Happy

Take Care All

Re: Depression


Hi @Appleblossom

I am doing ok atm. I had slept a few hours this afternoon which made me feel a bit better. I don't think its from the ship. I am trying to do all the right things- rest and plenty of fluids. How have you been going?

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