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Something’s not right

Re: I just can't.

Relapses happen @The-red-centaur. It doesn't mean your less deserving of help & support. If anything, you need it more than ever. Somehow, sometime you need to develop other coping skills. You know yourself the damage that is happening to you.

I've had ED before and I probably have a mild form of it now. I've always had weight problems my whole life too. So I understand a little of what you're experiencing. You can recover from this ED. Don't let it win again.

Re: I just can't.

@Sans911 how did you recover. I'm stuck and getting worse, I feel dizzy.

Re: I just can't.

I was only thinking about you a few moments ago @The-red-centaur.

I haven't really recovered from ED, as I still struggle with some mild food issues now. And I'm not normal weight or underweight. I'm obese, and I hate it.

I had anorexia & bulimia in my late teens, so some time ago now. I was quite underweight at that time, and caused a lot of concern for my caregivers. I was threatened with hospital at that point & tube feeding, which I didn't want. I gradually ate more, gained weight, but it took probably about 4 or 5years to recover without professional help. ED is a form of SH and control, so now I have a different form of SH. But I've not needed to do that for a few months now.

It's about finding coping strategies that are healthy and work to give you a sense of control.

You need and deserve help @The-red-centaur. You & your health are so important.

Have you checked out the Butterfly Foundation website- here is the link-

And talk to your counsellor as well to help you. You've no need to feel bad or ashamed of what's happening with you.

Re: I just can't.

I don't feel too good. I'm scared.

Re: I just can't.

Hi @The-red-centaur .  I will be around for a little while yet.


Is there something you can distract yourself with ?  Taking up some of your attention with an activity can help reduce those sorts of feelings.

Re: I just can't.

@Faith-and-Hope it's my physical symptoms that are bothering me.

Re: I just can't.

Do you need to get them checked out @The-red-centaur ?  If you’re scared, perhaps call Healthdirect on 1800 022 222 and speak to a nurse ..... they can help to put your mind at ease, or suggest what needs to be done next.

Re: I just can't.

How are you going @The-red-centaur ?

Re: I just can't.

@The-red-centaur: Why will you be homeless again for the third time? There's always homeless shelters and emergency crisis centres available for help, but don't mention if you've been to any, just keep it in mind as an option, if you don't already know, there's also caravan parks if you get stuck too, for short periods of time, just buy a cheap tent, or buy or rent a cheap caravan, then be weary who you bring back.

Re: I just can't.

@Faith-and-Hope sorry I didn't reply last night, I fell asleep.
I'm starting to get physical symptoms from my bulimia and I was scared.
I got in touch with the butterfly foundation this afternoon, it was really hard. I had to admit I'm getting sick again and that's scary. My bulimia is getting the best of me rn.

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