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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor


I got NBN installed but can't get connection...

the bloke at the Internet Service Provider got me to 'factory reset' it over the phone but

no good so the technician will be out here on Monday


I hope it's the modem that's not working - if it's the 'connection' outside it might take a while for them to fix..

the ISP said they would send me a dongle to attach to the computer so I will still

get internet and I don't have to pay for that


the bloke who did the cabling outside said the signal was good though



Hi @jamesle2015, sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the NBN. I am a bit of a computer freak and dread interruptions to service. I've read a lot about so many people having trouble with the NBN, especially when it is first connected. At the moment, I am still on ADSL but will be researching the transition to NBN in the new year. Pretty apprehensive about what I'm in for. Hoping that things are resolved for you very soon. Good to hear your ISP is going to provide you with a dongle so that you at least have some service while the NBN issues are being addressed.


Hi @jamesle2015 

Hope it sorts itself out and it becomes an upgrade instead of a problem ....

Smiley Happy



The bloke fixed it on now ...

It was the 'NBN box' that connects outside to the modem - he replaced it

I am getting the same speed as before - it's not faster ...about 11.5 Mbps

I am on the slowest plan though...




It's affected my IP address I can't log into SANE Forums Smiley Sad
IT thinks I am outside Australia

Re: NBN - help i can't log in

It's affected my IP address I can't log into SANE Forums Smiley Sad
IT thinks I am outside Australia

When I go to the website the login part isn't there


Re: NBN - help i can't log in

Hi @jamesle2015

Sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in. I'm tagging our community managers @Lauz@s-jay and @nashy as they may be able to help you out with this. They're not around right now but are usually around on week days during the day, so you should hear from one of them soon.

I'm glad you've found a way to post in the meantime Smiley Happy

Re: NBN - help i can't log in

HI @jamesle2015 - so sorry you are having this issue. Someone else is as well, we are investigating it for you and will email you soon.

Re: NBN - help i can't log in

it's working now Smiley Happy

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