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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Starting the Conversation

Hi Everyone, 


I'm new here. Smiley Happy


I need some advice on how to tell my family about my partner. 


We have been together for almost a year and he suffers from Bipolar Disorder and BPD. He also struggles with drug (illegal) dependency. I have a feeling that my dad is aware of my partner's issues, however I have not discussed it with him. I recently had a breakdown due to not looking after myself whilst caring for my partner. I now feel like I should tell my dad, who also suffers from mental health and was drug dependant. I know that he would understand and it would be helpful but at the same time I dont want my dad to judge my partner in any way because of it. 


I just need some advice on how to start the conversation. 


Thanks in advance. 


Smiley Happy N


Re: Starting the Conversation

Welcome to the forum @NUGGET, disclosure can be difficult but it's important for your self-care to build a strong support network. Is there something that your partner and father bond over? Perhaps that may be a great icebreaker to lead into the discussion.  

Re: Starting the Conversation

@Ali11 Thats a great idea. Thanks Smiley Happy I definetly can think of a few things. 



Re: Starting the Conversation

You're welcome @NUGGET, hope you're enjoying your weekend Smiley Happy Let us know how you go with starting that conversation 

Re: Starting the Conversation

how are you going today @NUGGET 

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