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What to do as you see a crisis coming

Hi all,

I'm positing because I'd like some advice about what to when you see a crisis developing but the person your taking care of that doesn't meet the definition of being in a crisis i.e, a danger to themselves or others.


My sister is currently living totally isolated in a motel because she stopped paying any of her bills because god is talking to her and telling her that she doesn't have to pay them because money is fake. She also lives 2.5h drive from me so she's hard to access, I don't drive making it harder to reach her.

She's been scheduled as an involuntary patient before because of a psychosis, as have I. I wasn't scheduled because I was a danger to myself or others, but because I had delusional beliefs and the doctors noted that I couldn't make correct decisions for myself. So would my sisters current situation meet the threshold for involuntarty admission? If not what can I do, what sort of services can I reach out to?

I'd like to try and avoid taking her to an emergency room, I had to do that with my brother and it was quite the task, He escaped at one point and I had to chase him through 2 suburbs! Our relationship isn't super solid and don't want her to mistrust me by pulling the old bait and switch and taking her to a hopital, with the added risk that they don't admit her.

It's funny, I have alot of experience with all this stuff, but still have no idea what to do. I've been reading alot of posts on the forums today, you folks are amazing!


Re: What to do as you see a crisis coming

Welcome to the forum @care-bears-4eva, we're sorry to hear that you're going through this with your sister but it's great that you are wanting to help and support her. SANE has put together a great fact sheet about what to do in a crisis, found here, however, pulling some info out of it for you: 


"you can contact the local Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT) through the closest major public hospital. In some parts of Australia, they are called Psychiatric Emergency Teams (PET).


The CATT/ PET is a multi-disciplinary team with Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social workers and Nurses who provide assessment and support for people who are in crisis with mental illness. Their phone lines are staffed 24 hours a day.

Your local team will conduct an initial phone assessment and may get in contact with other treating practitioners."


Do you think you'd be able to contact them?


Re: What to do as you see a crisis coming

Yes I'll contact them.

I hadn't reached out to them because on fact sheet it said it was for people who were a risk to themselves or others, so I thought she didn't meet the criteria. Because she doesn't live near me I suppose I would need to contact the CATT in her area. I'll do that now and see how it goes.


Thanks for your reply!


Re: What to do as you see a crisis coming

We're glad that you're going to reach out @care-bears-4eva, a crisis doesn't necessarily mean harm in the sense of physical harm but rather when a person's symptoms or behaviour have been greatly increased. Let us know how you go and please don't forget to look after yourself! Heart


Re: What to do as you see a crisis coming

Checking in @care-bears-4eva, how is everything going? Heart


Re: What to do as you see a crisis coming

Thanks @Ali11 ,

My sister called me today which is great because she's been un contactable, she seemed in good spirits. We're going to have a longer talk tomorrow, I'm not sure how I'm going to broach the topic of her seeking help, or if I even should, perhaps it's something that we should talk about in person.

Thanks for checking up and replying, it's hard to navigate these problems so it really helps to have other people who can offer advice and encouragement.


Re: What to do as you see a crisis coming

That's great @care-bears-4eva, we're so glad that you have been able to contact your sister. Rather than plan for bringing up the subject, see where the conversation leads and perhaps your sister may provide an opening. Heart 

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