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Hello Everyone Smiley Happy

Had rain here last night Smiley Happy It was heavy enough that I heard it over the show I was watching at the time Smiley Happy It didn't go all night or anything, but it was good rain. I took the puppies for a walk yesterday, but the day before, despite going into town & having all intentions of taking them in on the way back, I didn't. As I drove out of town a few wet drops fell, not enought to put the wipers on, & it wasn't those small drops that stopped me going in, it was the lightning; the sort of lightning that appears to do straight to the ground. I'm glad I decided not to go in as there were 2 loud claps of lightning just as I turned off the highway towards home, that made me jump out of my seat! Haven't had any destructive winds or storms here, but enough breeze & wet that it's nice & cool Smiley Happy 

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