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Thank you @Mazarita for your input.

It is interesting to know of bull-billing Psychologists - I thought it was only the GPs that are allowed to bulk-bill, at least that's what I've found. I live in QLD, so there may be slightly differing rules for medicare/bulk-billing practices to where you are, but I will have a lot into it. I may have to go further afield, but I might be in luck if I can find a bulk-billing Psychologist/counsellor. 


Same here, I find emailling easier than calling, as I can get my thoughts down into writing better than speaking. I actually did the referral thing with my current GP, but I made a big mistake in the research department. I had found online a nice-looking Psychologist clinic up in the city that does trauma counselling and assessments, but they were quite expensive. But still I wanted to try, so I got a referral before ringing up the clinic. When I rang the clinic up, they informed me of a $45 initial booking fee that wasn't stated on their website, on top of the $214 consult fee. This really peeved me (dishonesty, hidden charges), and never went through with the booking. 

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