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Hi everyone and a warm welcome to those that wanted a reminder of tonight’s event! @Coffeenunicorns @recovery @CheerBear @BlueBay @utopia @Teej @Former-Member @TAB @Mulgajane @Pinky @Former-Member @Adge @greenpea @Sharman @MoonGal @Shaz51 @Zoe7 @frog @Mazarita


Tonight’s Topic Tuesday is one that you, the forum members, voted to discuss and we do see a lot of discussion around this topic throughout the forum. Creating and maintaining social connections when you are working through some mental health challenges is going to be really interesting to explore. I am really excited to welcome our special Guest @jess_27 ! 


Jess is one of SANE’s Peer Ambassadors and also a speaker through batyr. They are a Psychology Honours student and hope to pursue a career in Social Work. @jess_27 loves playing sport and creative writing and their best friend is their greyhound named Holly. Jess has past experience of life with Anorexia Nervosa. Jess currently lives with Bipolar 1, C-PTSD and Anxiety. We are really lucky to have her sharing with us tonight.


For those that haven’t been involved in a Topic Tuesday before, @jess_27 will be raising some questions for you to consider. There’ll be around 10-15 minutes for everyone to respond to each question. This is a forum for peer support and discussion so don’t hesitate to jump in and get involved by answering or adding to the discussion! 

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