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Looking after ourselves

Re: Self care by growing a garden

Started out with the intention of giving this geisha girl a light haircut and make it more symmetrical. Seems I got a bit carried away lol.Screenshot_20190102-145445_Gallery.jpg




Re: Self care by growing a garden

I was worried I had taken too much off it darling seems pleased with my efforts. In fact would like me to take some more off the top.

Re: Self care by growing a garden

Have another trailer load of green waste loaded and ready to go this afternoon.

The garden is starting to have some order in it and looking good. I actually found a nuce cluster of palm trees this afternoon that had been choked out by a giesha girl (Durantha  ?). That was a bonus for the afternoons efforts. 



Re: Self care by growing a garden

@Determined is the geisha girl the plant similar to what you had at your old place?

Re: Self care by growing a garden

Yes @Darcy. Same plant. This one is a white flower though we had a purple flower at our last place. I have found some small purple flower variety here under the canopy after opening it up a bit. 

Re: Self care by growing a garden

I think our front hedge may also be giesha girl but not 100% as have not seen any flowers on it. Leaves are similar though .

Re: Self care by growing a garden

Oooh, I am way too out of condition, particulary after these back to back bugs I've had. Smiley Tongue

I got out in the garden today for a bit.

Emptied a converted black recycling crate that I'd had garlic growing in. I've had onion family plants rotting out in the ground the past few years, so this year it was in assorted "pots" half filled with chopped up garden waste, then a layer of potting mix, then washed fine gravel. That succeeded, which confirms my suspicion of soil borne fungal disease. Bonus, I found two missed heads in the process.

The gravel's been put aside to re-use, either as topping or for cuttings. I've pulled out the woody bits of garden stuff that hadn't broken down, and put that back in the bottom of the tub. Then half filled it with a fresh lot of chopped waste, and the potting mix + composted waste from the garlic planting has gone on top. I've put two tomato plants in, better late than never. (There's still more waiting...)

And that was my dash for the day. I was starting to feel al little light headed by then. Smiley Frustrated But if I get out every day and do a bit, it'll help me build up again.

Re: Self care by growing a garden

Mr Darcy weeded another bed in our garden this week. We stopped at a nursery today and bought an ornamental pear tree to go in it which will be delivered in the next couple of days. 

Re: Self care by growing a garden

Have been looking at a bed of cobbler pegs in our large center garden, they seem to be growing behind us faster than we can pull them out so I am contemplating mowing, rake and burn,  spraying then covering over with new wood chip. I was hoping to save the wood chip already there but looking too hard atm. 

Re: Self care by growing a garden


Love to hear about your gardening adventures 🌸

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