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Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Thanks @Appleblossom, so pleased to find your post, you have a broad understanding of most issues. Sorry things are bumpy with your son at times, but your love for him shines through. I’ve been at my best with the God given love for our children, it’s so strong. My son has been selfish & distant but still I love him & see him as ‘everything important to me’ He rang twice this week. We really learn how to ‘die to self’ being parents, well, most do, letting go is hard. It’s a mixed up world but guess they’ll find their way as we had to, one day at a time. You’re right about ppl getting better care when family frequent the facility. I’ve organised a ‘Family Conference’ for next week & gave facility care manager contact details of my siblings to invite - that’ll be interesting 😏 bet they don’t come.

You’re dead right about it being ‘out of my hands” with dad now. After all the hard work I put in to pull the mess together - I gotta let it go to ppl who never even met him.
You said

It’s good to hear these insites from another as it’s what I’m sensing from the Holy Spirit. These life lessons bypass the brain (thank goodness lol), we feel it in our soul.

With art - I keep picturing myself doing all these purple blue white swirls on a canvas... We’ll see
Thank you Apple, hugz 🌷🌸 🌼

Thank you too Darcy, Dec, Faithhope & Shaz 🍀🌸🍀🌸🍀🌸🍀🌸🍀
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Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Hmm, looks like I fell asleep writing the last post sorry, have no memory of that lol


i visited dad today, he’s more ‘stiff’ than I ever seen him, but got him out to his fav cafe for lunch and showed off my car which he likes.


Showed the nurses his pressure care cushion, transferred it with dad ‘in front of them’ - asked them to use it when he’s in the lounge room etc (re new pressure sore), think they finally ‘got’ it 😏. Took dad home to the house (driveway) first - brang the dogs out for a pat, which made dad smile Smiley Happy  


I’m adopting some new terms: the female dog Georgia is dad’s ‘THERAPY DOG’.

And I am his


If they Public Guardian think dad’s better off with someone who can pay full rent (550pw) thus turfing me & dogs out - at least I have a roof with the car but will have to get rid of the male dog. Ever seen that movie “lady in a van” ?  that could well be me soon lol 


So many ppl think I should forget about dad & ‘get on’ with my life. I simply don’t understand this mentality.


havin a lay down atm re back pain bad today grr!  Pushing the wheelchair around shops did it I think.


Birds are lovely atm 🦅


Re: Depression Dementia Dad


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Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Haya @outlander, lovely images 🤓 Are you going ok?

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

glad you like them @Former-Member
im going okish, just rather low the past few days but doing my best to just keep on truding no matter how small the steps are. hoping to hear back from a hospital on monday in regards to dental work

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

images (4).jpeg




images (5).jpeg



Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Smart thinking @Former-Member .... re-framing things ..... way to go ❣️

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Re: Depression Dementia Dad

‘REFRAMING’ @Faith-and-Hope hmm, is that what it is? I’m somewhat tired of constantly remaking myself but maybe it’s more a case of ‘reframing’ / changing perspective & interpretation than destroying the old.

Are you doin’ ok long time forum friend? 🌸🌿

Haha, very funny @Darcy

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Yes, doing okay @Former-Member..... 💜

We tweak ourselves and our perspectives ongoing in life ..... it’s a natural thing to do, to rework our circumstances and our response to them to a better fit ..... often far easier said than done.   

Hugs ...... old forum friend (Edit:  long time forum friend)  🤗💕

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Thinking of you this week @Former-Member re: meeting

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