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Re: Help with boundry statagies

Woke up this morning to no horrible texts, so yayyyy to that. Hopefully when my dr rings I will be able to talk to him, I'm not sposed to be be on my phone at work 🙄. I have decided to see what he can suggest. 

She is scared of going into the mental health unit with people who are really psychotic (her words, not mine) and not getting let out. If she goes there voluntarily, can she just leave when she wants? I see lots if people have problems with the system this way.


Glad you're exam is done and its one less pressure off of you. Yes, it will be a long 4 weeks of waiting, I hate the not knowing. @Determined


Re: Help with boundry statagies

Hope today went ok for you @Janiee,


Would your daughter be going to a private clinic or public unit?

We are fortunate to able to access a private clinic, (took out private health cover after the public hospital refused to see darling in a time of crisis). 

Really cant affort the private health premium but under the circumstances we cant afford not to.

It has certinally paid for its self over the past couple of years. And the stays in the private have been benefical I believe. 


Re: Help with boundry statagies

Yesterday was ok, my Dr didn't have time to call me today so I still haven't spoken to him.

No, we don't have private health cover, I know we should. Even if we got it now, we'd have to wait to use it, being a pre existing condition.

Last night was actually the first time I have felt genuinely happy in months. Things still aren't good with my daughter, but she was a lot calmer yesterday.

Also, I was quite happy with myself, I gave her a boundry and I stuck to it!! Big step for me lol. Lets see how long I can last, but, gotta celebrate the small steps! 

I still don't know exactly where she is, but I have friends checking social media for activity, as she has deleted me from all this and if she turns up at my house and the abuse starts, i have friends who will call 000 for me , while i keep her there. So I have a plan of sorts in place lol. 

Anyway, today us a gorgeous day, there is nothing but blue skies, there's a nice breeze, pay day yesterday and I'm working with a great bunch of people, so I'm counting my blessings today and reminding myself to do it more often. @Determined


Re: Help with boundry statagies

Thinking of you @Janiee and hope it works out for you.


When we took out private health we only had to wait 3 months for darling to access private hospital services. Not sure how it works now but at the time for mental health treatment the waiting time was less than rules for everything else. May be worth looking in to.

I certinally was not easy to start with finding $ for the health cover so definatly understand the limitations. 



Re: Help with boundry statagies

Hi @Janiee

Trust all is well for you at the moment.

Any progress on a hospital stay for your daughter. Thinking of you and your family today.


Re: Help with boundry statagies

Hey @Determined, yesterday she had a blow up over the phone, which started off towards her father and because i was trying to mediate a bit, it ended up towards me. She still won't tell me exactly where she is. She has an option of my husband and i to pay for rehab, but she is refusing as she wants her father involved and just wants her committed, which he just wants her committed in the public section. She will fight it and I don't know how much notice she will take of their advice because she doesn't want to be there. Or if she will continue on the path after she gets out. Its hard cause I just want her to get help. Today, so far, she has been fairly quiet. 

The strange thing is, yesterday, she was talking about self harm (permanent), but today, she is booking her car in to get stuff fixed in a few weeks. 

Anyway, thats where I'm at. How are things in your neck of the woods? Hoping they are a bit less chaotic then me. Thank you for thinking of me x


Re: Help with boundry statagies

Sorry to hear things are that rough at the moment @Janiee, have been there with my darling and it is not easy. It would make it so much harder not knowing where she is.


On a couple of occasions Darling disappeared for about 5 or 6 hours when that frame of mind and I was beside myself with worry so feeling for you at the moment. 


Always here to listen if you need it. 

I have had some amazing people here on the forum help me through some pretty dark and uncertain days so understand the difference it can make. 


Take care






Re: Help with boundry statagies

Sometimes I think I have a handle on the situation, sometimes I am just floundering, then I read someone else's story and I think, you aren't on your lonesome. So many people struggling and trying to just get through the day and so much support in here. At the end of the day I have to make these decisions, good, bad or ugly, but to come in here and there is no judgement, just support, is amazing. Its hard for my friends to understand fully, as they aren't dealing with this day in, day out and it all seems so black and white to them. I love them dearly, don't get me wrong. Ahhh, now I'm waffling lol. Just wanted to say that i appreciate your help when you are going through your own dramas. If I can return the favour, i will (probably be crap advice lol), but its there x



Re: Help with boundry statagies

So had a slight breakthrough today, she has booked herself into see a psychiatrist....yayyyyy!! Can't get in till the end of the month, but its a start!! I know it will be a long hard road, but at least she is trying to get help now. Its been a good day!

Thought I'd let you know,  cause I feel like I'm always moaning lol

Hope your day has been a good one too x @Determined


Re: Help with boundry statagies

Great to hear @Janiee

Realy trust she can follow through and this can be the start of a road to recovery. 

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