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Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

love the pictures @Darcy

your artwork is beautiful @Faith-and-Hope

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Thanks @outlander @Former-Member ..... πŸ’•


Here is another art journalling video by Vicky Papaioannnou for anyone interested.

Step by step video on creating an art journal layout featuring Tim Holtz supplies! Blog: --- S U P P L I E S --- * Moleskine Sketchbook Large -- * Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamps 2015 SCHOOLHOUSE BLUEPRINT CMS230 -- ...

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

@Faith-and-HopeHeartWoman Happy

I loved watching that Video it was so interesting, clever, & very creative. It's so nice to lose track of the worlds proplems, & soak in Art & create an unique Art work, like in the teaching.


Love & Hugs!

Bella xo Woman Happy

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

😊 @Former-Member .... enjoy ❣️


Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

@Faith-and-HopeHeartWoman Happy

4 U Faith!Heart xoxo

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό



Paper weaving ideas.  They are very effective with junk mail.  Small ones would make great Christmas tree decorations ......

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Junk mail paper flowers ......



Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

The junk paper flowers are cool @Faith-and-Hope whoever made them is very clever!

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

There are β€œhow to”

instructions online for making paper flowers @outlander, you just use pages from junk mail in place of other papers.  


Do you want to give it a go ?

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Is nobody doing any art these days?  I note that this thread has remained dormant for a few months.  Of course our resident artist @Faith-and-Hope  has been overseas for 2 of those months.  Does anybody have any creations they'd like to share?  @outlander , you asked me last night if I do any drawing or other art. Here's one I did about a year ago, one I am quite happy with.  I think I have others which I posted here some time last year.  Not sure now though.




Hat Lady for Plate 1.jpg

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