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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Planning on watching 'How mad are you' on SBS 8.30 tonight and next Thurs. -- me tooo @Darcy

I got my first copy of the carers qld magazine and they have been trying to ring me too , have to ring them back , got an email 

@Darcy, you are not near the storm are you xx

Hello @Faith-and-Hope@Appleblossom@Smc,, @Elin@DrKay@outlander@greenpea

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

No storms in my neck of the woods @Shaz51. Will be interested to see either Mr D or I can pick those with diagnosis.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Will be interested to see either Mr D or I can pick those with diagnosis., me too @Darcy, and mr shaz xx

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

What did you think of show @Shaz51?  I have picked out 3 who may have a Dx - will be interesting to see. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hot & dry here @Shaz51 & @Darcy

We won't get virtually any rain from now until next Winter - all our annual rainfall is in Winter.

It's already climbed into the 30's C - won't be long until it's 40's C.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Adge @Shaz51

The 1hr/3 hr time difference now noticeable, not so bad at weekends but in the evenings. 

We have had a drier spell but a little rain predicted for next week. Looks like @Determined got a bit more than necessary ...yikes.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Good Yawning everyone.

Younger Daughter's back at school today, so we've had our delayed daylight savings shock... The sun wasn't quite up yet when the alarm went off to get her up for the bus. Smiley Tongue She got up and dressed promptly, which was great. Then had trouble finding her PE uniform which was not so good. She made it to the bus, but it was a bit tight.

Bonus though is I made up pancake mixture for her brekky, and had one myself with maple syrup. And a bowl of fruit and cream. Yummy brekky. Smiley Happy

(Household hint- use a Tupperware milkshake maker for mixing up pancakes. One egg, one cup of milk, one cup of flour and a little sugar, shake it up and pour. Easy as!)


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Invincible

Come and meet some other carers in our virtual cafe.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

LoL @Darcy it was a bit of an experience.

Found out the hard way that insurance has higher excess for natural disasters. $800 if you please. 😳

Can't complain though as we are relatively lightly affected. 

That big a backlog that it will be at least a week before the car is even looked at.

House is fine thankfully. 



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

What did you think of show @Shaz51@Darcy, I think I have picked out the one with clinical depression whih mr shaz was diagnosed years ago

how did mr Darcy go watching the show

Hello @Faith-and-Hope, @Determined, @Smc, @Adge

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