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Re: News from Lunar


I’ve had my head in the sand re you leaving. I saw you post within an hour of it but couldn’t face it at the time. I’ll be sorry to see you go. Heart feels heavy. 


Head says that I’m thrilled for you and your new life and creating new life. You’ll be an awesome mum and I wish you all the best. I hope you’ll post after the birth what you’ve had and how you are. It’s an exciting time! 

Good luck with your new ventures. 


Re: News from Lunar

That is completely understandable @Zoe7, you take good care of yourself tonight, I am still around until Wednesday. You just need to take it easy this weekend to be prepared for Monday Smiley Happy


Re: News from Lunar

Thank you so much @Teej going to miss seeing you around the forums. It does also feel sad for me to be leaving but I feel good in knowing we have some great mods to be holding the forum fort down 😊

Thanks for all your kindness and support over the years, I wish you all the very best and keep looking after yourself okay, I will try my best to drop by after the baby comes to share the news! I am so excited for this mum chapter!

Re: News from Lunar

I will try my best to drop by after the baby comes to share the news! I am so excited for this mum chapter! --- ohhhh yes please @Lunar , I will keep tagging you sometimes to see how you are going Smiley Very Happy


Re: News from Lunar


For helping to make the burden a little bit lighter, I thank you.   May you be blessed as you start the next phase in your life. That your babe will be healthy and your new home filled with love and laughter.


Re: News from Lunar

Where you moving onto @Lunar

A baby to look after???

Re: News from Lunar

@Lunar You know how much I value and appreciate your support here over the last couple of years but it is worth saying again. You have been part of a team here that I hold in very high regard not just from what you do but also for who you are. That will never be forgotten - your support, care and compassion will never be forgotten. I know this is an exciting new phase in your life and I do wish you only the very best. You make this world a better place and any child will be so very lucky to have you as their mum Heart

Re: News from Lunar

Yes a little baby on the way @eudemonism so I am moving on to a new chapter of being a first time Mum and so looking forward to it 😊

Re: News from Lunar

Thank you so very much @Darcy those are all the things I am truly hoping for in this next chapter and for our little one, to fill their world with love and laughter 🤗

Re: News from Lunar

Oh @Zoe7 I knew you would write something that would make me tear up 😭 thank you so much for the kindest words imaginable.

Thank you very much for also being a part of the forum team and community and sharing your beautiful words and care for others in the selfless way you do, it has been so lovely hearing about your experiences and all the hard work you have put in along the way, I am so excited for your new chapter too, you worked so very hard to get here!

Please don't forget to look after yourself in amongst caring for everyone else okay Smiley Happy

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