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Son with schizophrenia meet ups in person

Hello πŸ‘‹ all I ce been reading your posts in regards to the above topic. Our son 23 has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia only about 18 months ago. I personally am really wanting to meet any one in the Brisbane / area  for coffee lunch just some time out and have someone else who gets it! Even our closest friends don’t fully understand what we go through and most importantly what our son feels and has to deal with every day. Is it allowed for us to arrange face to face meet ups? Certainly would be nice make it in a neutral space say a cafe or park. Any one out there feel the same. 


Re: Son with schizophrenia meet ups in person

Hi @MissB


Caring for a loved one with Sz is tough going. You will find understanding people here and it is a great place to get things off your chest and get tips from others as to how they manage.  The forum is completely anonymous  (see community guidelines) so meet ups not an option.


There are however support groups where you can meet others in real life - Carers Qld is a good starting point - link provided.



Re: Son with schizophrenia meet ups in person

Hello thank you for the reply totally u understand also thank you for the link.πŸ‘πŸ™‚


Re: Son with schizophrenia meet ups in person


The forums is a great place to vent off your concerns or seek help. @Boo13 @patientpatient @Libra are 3 members who come to mind who care for sons with Sz.  If you put an @ in front of a name (as I have done with you), it sends a message so that people know you have responded to them.   We have a few social threads - if you have some hobbies I could tag you in.


Re: Son with schizophrenia meet ups in person

Hi @MissB@Darcy


thanks for tagging me in.  Unfortunately we don't live in Brisbane, although we did many years ago.  We do have friends and family up that way, so perhaps if we are visiting we could catch up.  In the interim, happy to talk through the forums.






Re: Son with schizophrenia meet ups in person

Hi @MissB and @Darcy,


We're in Vic and don't travel much. My son's now 27 and, compared with age 23, he's much improved though still strugggling in some respects. He finally stabilised on the meds and still sees psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist regularly. I understand what you're saying, many people don't understand what you're both going through. Can chat here and compare notes if you like. 


Re: Son with schizophrenia meet ups in person

Hi @MissB

Glad you found the forum, it has helped me so much...mainly just getting it all off my chest,lol, and hearing kind words. My son will soon turn 30 and is doing well now after a horror few years until he was diagnosed last year. He is now medicated and I have my beautiful son back! I do worry though, as he sometimes tell me that he doesn't think his meds do any good, and I think he may go off them if his CTO is stopped...(he is on fortnightly injections)

But I'm enjoying the good days now! 

It is so hard caring for people, hard enough taking care of ourselves sometimes.

I have just got myself a Mon - Fri job, 6am - 2pm, so I still have time in the afternoons to help my son with appointments and shopping and things, but it's nice to busy.

I hope you find a little peace here and find lots of help and kindness.

Cheers Libra xo

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