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Re: not feeling good

Csnt sleep. 


YYou  know i wish I coukd ‘just snap out if it’ 

snd yes sngry isn’t good for blood pressure 

I’m sorry I only think of myself and not others at times when I’m struggling 

I’m crying because I sm 

Ieverything hurts 

even been on here 

i know ithers on here are suffering more than me snd my heart goes out to them I know people are a lot worse off financially than me snd im sorry 

but I can’t help the way I feel 


do you think we csn get through this @Shaz51

@Zoe7  sleep well my lovely xx




Re: not feeling good

I'm really struggling tonight @BlueBay so I know how hard nights like these are Hon. I wish we could just snap out of it too but that seems impossible when we are in the grips of it all. Hearing you Hon and know it is different for everyone but that doesn't make it any easier Heart

Re: not feeling good

Hsbing a really bad night @Zoe7

tears are here. 

Hope tomorrow is a better day for us ❤️❤️

Re: not feeling good

do you think we csn get through this @Shaz51, yes my sister @BlueBay

the other night I cried while making dinner about everything that is goin on , It is hard and it seems impossible but we can do it my wonderful sister xoxoxo

is Ayla coming over tomorrow

Re: not feeling good

Yep a really bad night here too BB - haven't stoppoed the tears since I left the meeting today and they have increased tonight @BlueBay Life just sucks sometimes Hon Smiley Sad

I hope you can get some sleep - I am far from that stage just yet.

Re: not feeling good

Think I’m heading for a mental breakdown 😥

Re: not feeling good

Hi Bluebay
candycane one of the moderators here. You have shown some insight into what you may be experiencing now and how you feel. What can you do to reach out for support? Are you able to make contact with your GP or Psychologist?

Re: not feeling good

oh  hugs and hugs @BlueBay my sister

Re: not feeling good

I tried my doctor this morning left a msg  but he never called me back @candycane

I will ring him again on Monday. And I will try to contact my psychologist. 

Fir niw I will have to try to get through hour by hour. If that’s poss. I’ll try lifeline tonight. Csnt at the moment. 

I want to be on my own with no one around me. I want to disappear but atm csnt do thst. 

Im staying distracted at home fir niw 


Re: not feeling good

Thankyou @Shaz51 for the hugs. I really needed a hug. Xxxx

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